Who we are.

For hedge funds, private equity firms and asset management firms, a boutique expertise consultancy across the enterprise to help to both better compete with peers and expand the universe of target investors.  AFC provides at a high level, viable and sustainable C function co-sourcing support or as needed deep expertise across an asset manager skill set to augment team edge or complement a track record no matter the assets under management.1  Unlike firms that offer predictable commoditized solutions – we work  closely with client executives to get to know how a firm ticks to unlock value and make change happen.  Our AFC partners complementary and deep “real world” experience, expertise and relationships across business strategy, fund offering structures, securities-corporate law, enterprise risk, diagnostic firm review, operations, benchmark to best practices infrastructure, regulatory-compliance, finance, investor due diligence, and marketing strategy-solicitation framework offers fund managers an economies of scale alternative to help tackle today’s multi-faceted business challenges.3,5  To facilitate the likely-hood of a client’s marketing, business and investor success, our AFC professionals roll up their sleeves to provide the pragmatic and nimble solutions fund manager clients and their investors expect across the entire forest not just the trees.  Our goal is to offer clients a viable and scalable alternative across the interconnected functions of executing, growing, managing and protecting an asset management organization at every phase of life-cycle.1  AFC Professionals with real world know how to optimize a client’s resources and project the strict and exacting business model regulators and today’s investors expect without sacrificing sustainable business growth. 

What we do.

  • Boutique advisory consultancy offering top tier expertise or support across the interconnected functions of executing, managing, protecting and growing an asset management organization for every phase of its life-cycle.1
  • Across early stage, emerging or well established managers – we offer “viable” solutions to help overcome today’s business growth challenges.2,4
  • To expand the universe of target investors, separate from the pack or improve the likely-hood of marketing success, AFC professionals can help client executives meet or exceed the escalating demands of today’s investors or regulators on a cost effective basis.
  • Our AFC professionals provide customized c-level support at a high level with real world experience and relationships across the asset manager enterprise: business, investor and marketing strategy framework, solicitation and product development, best practices infrastructure, fund offering strategy, structure and formation, enterprise risk management, c-level corporate-securities law, regulatory and best practices, c-level compliance infrastructure and administration, c-level operations, diagnostic gap analysis, due diligence framework, c-level finance and c-level business risk management.  
  • Each AFC professional has at least two decades of c-level, partner or director asset management in-house, law firm or external advisory experience within his or her area of competency.6
  • We help fund clients project safety of assets to investors, mitigate external cash burn and close the business or due diligence gap(s) that may trigger investor rejection by peer selection.
  • We help fund clients curb their unknown business red flags that may veto an investment.4

Why us.

  • Deep industry experience and the relationships to offer client executives across the CEO, GC, COO, CCO, CFO, CIO functions with more informed business decisions and additional edge to help outperform the competition.2
  • We can help increase the likely-hood of investor asset gathering success with AFC scalable and tailored co-sourcing professional support that meets the escalating demands of regulators and today’s sophisticated investor.
  • We offer an economies of scale alternative for funds seeking to better manage today’s multi-faceted business challenges without sacrificing business sustainabilty.2  
  • To separate firms from the pack, we take a “hands on” collaborative approach with our client executives to get to know how your business ticks unlike most law firms or commoditized consultancies.3
  • AFC value of sharing what works from two decades of deep industry insight, alternative investing relationships, and resources not otherwise available to a client organization.
  • Real world one-on-one collaboration to augment team edge, complement track record and help outperform peers.  
  • Our AFC professionals roll up their sleeves to execute the nimble solutions client executives and investors expect across the entire forest not just the trees.2 

Enterprise Wide (best practices) fund manager expertise.

  • Business & marketing strategy, increase likely-hood of marketing success with our deep understanding of what investor communication works and does not with target market.  Avoid the fixable business red flags that can lead to target investor rejection by peer selection.
  • Start-Up-Early Stage: Fund-Firm Formation, Infrastructure, best practices adviser and fund product offering formation set-up, enterprise wide infrastructure and counter-party expertise across best practices front, middle and back office.
  • Early Stage-Emerging: Collaborative and Scalable C-level Co-Sourcingmitigate perceived reputational risk and expand investor universe with the collaborative support from sophisticated c-level experienced executives advising the spectrum of conventional, niche and complex asset management firms to help CEOs, CIOs, GCs, COOs, CFOs or CCOs. 1
  • Emerging-Well EstablishedDiagnostic Gap Analysis, Investor Ready Due Diligence, Recommendations and Execution of Solutions, project safety of assets with (enterprise wide) best practices gap analysis. Reduce fixed costs, improve efficiencies, curb investor concerns over reputational and regulatory risk. Better managed firms create better returns and project a marketing edge to potential investors.
  • Increase operational alpha, we leverage pragmatic industry know how and deep relationships to help augment a COO’s resources to augment the enterprise and reduce the fixed costs that drag on returns.
  • Counter-party expertise, deep knowledge and relationships across operational, counter-party set-up, enterprise risk management, legacy cost mitigation.
Collaborative Co-Sourcing Expertise Across the Enterprise to Overcome Today’s Business Challenges 

Outsourcing support for non investment key functions is common for the hedge fund industry generally, but even more so for emerging managers as they grow their business (Third Annual Due Diligence Survey, Deutsche Bank, 2014).      

1.    Notwithstanding capital to ever-larger fund management firms, new managers with excellent pedigree or expertise in market niches can find fundraising success with many allocators; however, many larger investors decline to commit capital until a fund can raise a threshold level of aggregate commitments, so as to be assured manager can maintain a sufficient fee stream to conduct operations with stable team of investment professionals. Schultz Roth&Zabel 3rd Annual Private Equity Fund Conference, June 9,2015.  2.   There is now an enhanced appetite by institutions to develop relationships with newer smaller managers to mitigate growing concern larger managers deploying vast sums of capital may be unable to maximize performance. Schultz Roth&Zabel 3rd Annual Private Equity Fund Conference, June 9,2015.

3.   The majority of studies show the higher failure for [newer Firms] compared to established Firms is often due to business mistakes rather than investment issues (Christany, Dauland Giraus), 2014. 4.   Red flags: top five reasons an investor will veto an investment, unwillingness to provide adequate transparency, inadequate or inappropriate compliance policies and procedures, poor separation of duties, inadequate personnel or lack or relevant experience in critical roles, inappropriate valuation policy (Third Annual Due Diligence Survey, Deutsche Bank, 2014). 5.   Outsourcing non investment key functions is common for the hedge fund industry generally, but even more so for emerging managers as they grow their business (Third Annual Due Diligence Survey, Deutsche Bank, 2014). 6.   For more information, please see key professional bios under “who we are”.